June 23, 2016

About Us

Ready for a life changing experience?

Youth Pastor University is here to help you in your adventure with todays teens! Our goal at YPU is to put together top notch courses on subjects that effect youth workers from all walks of life and  from varying degrees of experience.

Whether you are fresh out of college and need a course on how to navigate church politics or a volunteer looking got how to play games with your kids, we hope to bring those kinds of courses, and many others like it, to meet your particular needs.

Currently, we offer one course Discipleship 101: Foundations, taught by Youth Ministry veteran Paul Turner. The course is packed with both theology and practical advice. We hope you’ll give it a try,

If you have a suggestion for course,, just drop us your suggestion at courses@youthpastoru.net and we we’ll see what we can do.

About The “Professor” Paul Turner 

So, what’s a guy with no college degree in youth ministry busy doing creating his own courses on youth ministry? Before I answer this question, let me give you a little background.

When I was 18 I thought I had to ship myself off to college and get a degree in order to be a youth pastor. Three months in, I discovered something, I hated school. I hated doing things on someone else’s terms. My mind was abuzz with sermon ideas, programming ideas, and a whole lot more. So, I dropped out.  Two years later I shipped myself off to a one year discipleship school that focused on practical youth ministry, and that is what I needed, hands on experience.

I have been a Youth Pastor for the past 26 years. When I went back to school, I started out to get a business degree so I would have something to fall back on when I felt my youth ministry days were done. That was about 8 years ago. I never got that degree because….well…life.

At the time I had kids in high school and middle school. I had been unemployed for two years and that set us back financially. If it wasn’t for the Lord guiding and providing we would have been hurting.

So, let me answer the question, “What’s a guy, who does not have a youth ministry degree, doing courses on Youth Ministry?” Because, after 26 years I have learned a few things that they never would have taught me in college. I hear this a lot from young youth workers, “they didn’t teach me that”.

It’s for these kinds of reasons I want to share courses with, especially, bi-vocational and volunteer youth workers who struggle to do what they feel called to do but have no time for college; as well as for those who did go go to college for YM but did not walk away with the arsenal of knowledge they through they would.

So many youth workers spend hours searching on the internet to get by meeting to meeting without any cohesive plan, I want to change that. I want youth workers to save time and money and feel confident that someone is in there corner rooting them on.

The first course I am proud to offer is Discipleship 101: Foundations. In this course I teach a biblical foundation of discipleship that will support your youth ministry no matter what fads or trends come along.

Included in the course are downloadable pdf worksheets for each course, audio of each lesson, questions to answer for each course, and a message board where you can ask questions and get answers as well offer your own answers to other students.

I’ll hope you will check it out and receive the training and support  you have been looking for.

Paul Turner